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June 2017 Distribution timetable 

Cut-off date for changes to distribution method 12 June 2017
Reinvestments processed and cash distributions paid  14 July 2017
Distribution statements sent out (via email) 14 July 2017
Catch up unit pricing complete 20 July 2017
Tax statement sent (via post) 20 July 2017

The calculation of unit prices will be delayed during the distribution calculation and payment process, and will resume on  14 July 2017 and we will be caught up on or around 20 July 2017. 

Any applications and redemptions made during this time will be back-dated and processed after daily pricing resumes.


When will I receive a confirmation of my investment?

Via email within 3 business days after the administrator has received your correctly completed application form, required identification and funds.  

An application is not complete until both cleared funds and a completed application form/ID are received. Cut-off time for transaction requests is 3pm daily; and will receive the unit price calculated as at close of business the following day. 

Anything received after 3pm daily will be deemed to have been received the following day. 

During distribution periods (usually January/July) receipt of your confirmation statement may be delayed by 10-15 business days.

What regular information will I receive about my investment?

Initial investment and subsequent transaction confirmation - Via email, within 3 business days of the transaction being processed. During distribution periods (usually January / July) receipt of your confirmation statement may be delayed by 10 - 15 business days.

Monthly statement - Month-end holdings statements are sent via email within 10 business days of the end of month.

DIstribution statement - Confirmation of the amount of distribution payable to your account, either in cash to your bank account or in the forma of additional units reinvested to your account. Sent via email within 10-15 business days after each distribution.

Annual transaction statement - A list of all transactions on your account for the past financial year. Sent via email each July.

Tax statement  - are sent in July/August each year via post.

Monthly Fund fact-sheets -  are sent via email, 12 business days after month end.

Daily unit prices - are available around 11am daily on the website;  During distribution periods (usually January / July) calculation of daily unit prices may be delayed by 10 - 15 business days.

Do you accept applications via fax?
Your original initial application form and identification documents must be posted to RBC Investor Services.
RBC can accept application forms for additional investments via fax.

Who do I contact with any questions or instructions regarding my investment?
Any queries regarding your account should be sent to us via

Any instructions, such as applications/redemptions/changes of details should be sent directly to RBC.

Where do I send instructions to RBC?

C/- Shareholder Services
GPO Box 4471

or by fax on +61 2 8262 5492

or you may send a completed and signed attachment via email as instruction to RBC via email; please see below before using this service;

Disclaimer of liability
The email address is made available to investors as a courtesy. In making this email address available to investors, Airlie gives no guarantee or warranty and makes no representation whatever that sending an instruction to this email address will function as intended. Airlie disclaims any and all liability whatever to any investor for losses arising in connection with any application which is delayed or any application which is not received by the fund administrator as a result of the investor sending the application form to this email address. As with applications made directly to the fund administrator by fax or post, an application sent using this email address is not considered complete and will not be processed until both the completed application form and funds have been actually received by the fund administrator. Any use by an investor of this email address constitutes acceptance by that investor of this disclaimer of Airlie's liability.

Please send a blank email with your signed instruction as an attachment; note that this address is not monitored and use of HTML tags or images will cause the fax transmission to fail.

I would like my adviser to receive copies of my statements – how do I add them?

Send a written instruction signed by the authorised signatory/signatories on the account. Please fax or post the instruction directly to RBC.  

How do I add an authorised representative to my account?
Send your original written instructions signed by the authorised signatory/signatories on the account. You must include the following details on your instructions: 
- Full name of your authorised representative 

- Original specimen signature of the authorised representative you are appointing

- Original certified identification of the authorised representative you are appointing 

Please fax or post the instruction directly to RBC.

How do I update details on my account (e.g email address, postal address, bank account)?
Send a written instruction signed by the authorised signatory/signatories on the account. Please fax or post the instruction directly to RBC. 

How do I change my distribution method?
Send a written instruction signed by the authorised signatory/signatories on the account. Please fax or post the instruction directly to RBC.

If you are changing from reinvest to payment in cash, we will query instances where the payment is being directed to an account other than that on our unit registry record.  We cannot make payments by cheque. We must receive your notification no later than 14 days prior to the distribution payment dates (normally 30 June and 31 December).

How do I make a redemption?
Please use the form on the front page of this website, or you may send a brief letter to RBC stating you would like to make a redemption from your Airlie investment, and include the following details: 

- Fund Name

- Your Account Name and Number

- Amount you wish to redeem - you MUST stipulate either the dollar amount of the redemption or the number of units to redeem. We will not accept redemption requests which ask us to calculate the redemption amount so that you retain a specific amount as a balance.

- If you are redeeming in full please write FULL REDEMPTION.

- The instruction must be signed by the authorised signatory/signatories on the account.

Please fax or post the instruction directly to RBC.

NOTE: The minimum redemption amount is $50,000.  We may require you to make a full redemption if you do not continue to meet the minimum holding amount for the fund ($400,000).

Do the Airlie funds have an APIR code?
No, the Airlie funds do not have an APIR code

Distribution and Year End documents

Why am I receiving a Transaction Statement with return and fee summary details? What is it?
This is an ASIC requirement and is also known as a dollar disclosure statement.  The dollar disclosure statement provisions require various costs, fees, charges, expenses, benefits and interest to be stated as dollar amounts in your periodic statements.   The dollar disclosure provisions are designed to help you better understand this information amount costs, fees etc relating to your investments. 

What are the Other Management Costs on my statement?As per the information memorandum, Other Management Costs are ordinary expenses such as management, trustee, custody, investment administration, investment and audit expenses properly incurred in respect of the Fund.  It may also include extraordinary expenses, such as the cost of convening unitholder meetings or defending a third party claim made against the Fund.  These costs will be paid by the Fund and are captured in daily unit pricing.

Will Other Management Costs be deducted from my unit balance?
No.  These fees are paid out of the fund itself, and incorporated into the daily unit prices.

Why is "Fees Charged" nil?
Fees charged relate to fees that are directly deducted from your investment, and may include application fees, exit fees etc. Airlie Funds Management does not currently charge these fees, however we reserve the right to charge such fees in the future.

How is the Investment Return on the statement calculated?
If you have your distribution reinvested; this investment return is the change in value throughout the statement period, i.e your statement closing balance less your statement opening balance and less any application/redemptions made during the period.
If your distributions are paid in cash the calculation includes the cash amounts the investor receives during the period, i.e your statement closing balance less your statement opening balance, plus any cash distributions paid to you, and less any additional application/redemptions made during the period.